Psychological Support

Psychological Support

Psychological Support Unit of Student Center is designed to help students to deal with their orientation to country and IUS. Psychological Support Unit of Student Center works in cooperation with the Peer Counseling. Some of the works of our unit could be listed as:

  • Supporting Groups
  • Seminars
  • Motivation programs

You can come to our Unit to share your problems, worries with us. We are here to hear you, to give you advice and to help you resolve your problem.


IUS Students Psychological counseling centre

We invite You all to use this possibility offered to you by our IUS. IUS cares about your well being and succes therefore wishes you to:

  • Be Successful students
  • Be Satisfied with your life
  • Be Happy staying here
  • Develop and use your skills and potentials

However, sometimes life stressors and demanding student's tasks interefere with achieving the above.

Therefore, with an aim of offering You psychological support, FASS psychology program establishes:


FASS psychology staff will be helping you to address and resolve:

Study related problems like:

  • school adjustment
  • learning/studying difficulties
  • lack of motivation
  • doubts related to study major
  • exam anxiety
  • bad time managment and prioritizing
  • disccouragement

Problems related to others like:

  • within family and with parents/family members
  • with friends
  • relationships
  • social maladjustment
  • loneliness
  • social anxiety
  • communication problems

Dissatisfaction with self:

  • low self respect
  • low self esteem
  • identity crises
  • bad habits
  • mood swings

All these problems (and many others) are solvable in a counseling talk with psychologist. Sessions are set for the time most suitable for You. You determine aims and counseling duration.

You know the best: what You need, what bothers You, what lacks in Your life, what do You want to accomplish

You probably have some ideas about how Your life should be, look like in order for You to be satisfied and happy. Confidential talk with psychologist can help you achieve that.

No information shared during counseling process will be disclosed to any third party (including family, friends, and IUS teaching and administrative staff).