Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling Unit

Peer counseling unit is helping all students by listening, sharing common experiences, exploring options and giving support. Peer counseling is based on communication, empathy and understanding. This Unit through an easy and systematic way ensures that each student's individual needs are met, and their questions answered. All new ELS and freshman students at IUS are matched with peer counselors to mentor and advise them throughout the first year, supporting a successful transition to university life and English language.

Objectives of the Peer Counseling Unit are: 

  • Engage new students to the university life,
  • Assist new students with academic advising especially in learning English,
  • Direct all new students to resources for tutoring, counseling, internships, career exploration, and campus involvement.

The peer counselors are students selected for their strong academic record, leadership skills, campus-wide involvement and commitment to mentoring new students. The peer counselors will meet you at the Student Center and will assist you in the entire process from reviewing your schedule to guide you through the University and addressing any concerns you may have. Each peer counselor will mentor a team of six to ten new students. These peer counselors themselves are practicing their leadership and team building skills and are part of a special club. Peer counselors are in touch with their students constantly through cell phone, e-mail, messaging, and small group and regular individual meetings.