Social Media Consumption is an effective way of job search. Each social network has its own unique characteristics and best practices.LinkedIn – is a go-to network for both professionals and hiring managers. LinkedIn should be a top priority relating to your job search efforts.Twitter – is the most conversational social platform of the three. Twitter can also be a smart way to connect recruiters and make connections with people working for potential employers.Facebook – can be a great website for learning more about the people who will interview you. Facebook is a great way to connect with other people in your field.

Below you can find useful information about social media


  •  Take inventory of your current social media use
  •  Be consistent (make sure all of your social media accounts show the same job and education history)
  •  Use your social media to explore your network and to show interest in the filed
  •  Create your LinkedIn account (join and participate in groups related to your career interest)
  •  Follow companies in your industry in order to learn and show your interest
  •  Use your social media account to connect with people who can refer you to the jobs



  •  Post anything you will regret later
  •  Use poor grammar or spelling in your profile
  •  Be passive Wear inappropriate clothes in profile photos
  •  Assume your information is private
  •  Spend too much time on social media