IUSPA - IUS Psychology Association


The purpose of the IUSPA - IUS Psychology Association is advance learning in the field of psychology. Provide alternative psychological activities in IUS’s social environment. Enrich self and collective understanding of the world we live in. Gain different point of views regard to psychology and deal with life issues. Increase its members’ knowledge on psychology area that cooperate with different departments of IUS such as IR, VACD, SPS, MAN, BIO… For all that, the club can sign partnership agreement with any other organization. Also, the club can cooperate with student organizations in BIH or in any other countries. At the same time, encourage the sharing of individual knowledge and talent through team work activities (such as drama, projects etc.)


In order to achieve aims mentioned above, the IUSPA may organize activities such as:


  • Public meetings, social gatherings,
  • International Psychology Congress
  • Conferences and seminars,
  • Symposiums and panels,
  • Exhibitions