Interview isthe most important part of an employer’s selection process, we will help student to plan, prepare, and practice for a great interview. 

Below you can find steps for the interview


Step 1: Do Your Research

  •  Study the job post carefully
  •  Visit the company website and familiarize yourself with their work
  •  Think of ways to connect your own values and skills to demonstrate a fit with company

Step 2: Showcase Yourself

  •  Be prepared to introduce yourself and give an overview about yourself in a couple of minutes
  •  Review your resume and the cover letter you submitted and prepare yourself to elaborate
  •  Know your strengths and how you can relate them to the position

Step 3: Practice

  •  Practice answering the most common interview questions
  •  Video record yourself and watch it back so you can see your verbal and non-verbal expressions

Step 4: Prepare Questions

  •  Be prepared with thoughtful questions in order to demonstrate your preparedness, interest in the position/company.

Step 5: Dress for Success

  •  Dress professionally for all interviews
  •  Try to be chic and well-groomed but avoid to be excessive

Step 6: Manage Your Time

  •  Prepare in advance so you can relax the night before to the interview
  •  Plan more time than you think you need to get to the interview

Step 7: Communicate Effectively

  •  Follow the interviewer’s lead
  •  Have positive energy- smile
  •  Maintain eye contact
  •  Pay attention to your non-verbal language
  •  Turn off your phone while the interview goes on
  •  Arrange your voice tone and be more calm

Step 8: Evaluate the Interview After the Interview

  •  Take time to reflect on the interview
  •  Write down questions you can remember to use this items to help prepare you if you get a second interview