International Psychology Students Association (IPSA) Balkans

     International Psychology Students Association (IPSA) Balkans was founded in 2015 by IUS Psychology students. Its main purpose is to unite all psychology students in the Balkan geography under a one roof.IPSA Balkans is the official representative of the Turkish Psychology Students Working Group (TPÖGG) in Sarajevo / Bosnia. IPSA is the first non-representative organization working with European Federation of Psychology Students (EFPSA).

       As of 2019, the Psychology Students Professional Law Platform (PÖMYAP) and the Youth Beyond Borders Association (YOBBA) started to work together with IUS university representatives. IPSA Balkans have 8 Teams these are; Social Activities and Social Responsibilities (SASR) Team, Academic Affairs Team, ELS Team, External Affairs Team, Graduate Team, Research and Development Team, Public Relations Team and Finance Team.

    Our mission is to help all psychology students within the Balkan borders to complete their academic and social development at the highest level and to become good psychologists. To act as a bridge between academics to create scientific, cultural and social interaction. IPSA Balkans provides the opportunity for students in other programs to develop themselves individually and to organize and take part in activities in social, cultural and academic fields.