Your career starts when you step into the university for the first time. Instead of leaving your career planning for the last year, if you start doing it from the first day on, you will have enough knowledge to make the right orientation after your graduation. Career development is a lifelong process.

Step 1.

Get to know yourself; this is first stage of the career training.

Step 2.

Get informed about writing a resume; participate in workshops/seminars about different careers.

Step 3.

Big question: ‘Am I going to proceed with my postgraduate studies or get into business life?’ Start your research for departments and universities if you want to proceed with postgraduate studies or look into different jobs and firms if you want to get into the business life.

Step 4.

If you haven’t been able to find an answer to the question, it is the appropriate time now to make your decision. In accordance with your decision complete your research.

Step 5.

You have graduated!