Cover letter is necessary to connect with the employer by highlighting your skills and giving the reader a séance of who you are as an applicant. Cover letters can be sent as an attachment, uploaded via online submission forms, or sent in the body of an email. Below you can find sections of the cover letter: 

1. Paragraph: Make the Introduction

  •  State position your are applying for
  •  Briefly introduce yourself and explain your interest in the job and something about the company that attracts you.

2. Paragraph: Make the Case

  •  Prove that you are a good candidate for the job
  •  Highlight two or three major accomplishments that demonstrate your initiative, creativity and skills
  •  Draw a connection between needs of the job opening and the skills you can bring to the job

3. Paragraph: Closing

  •  Motivate the reader to take action
  •  Reemphasize your interest and politely thank the employer