Contributing to science

All children wonder about the world around them. Some wonder forever; I was and still am one of those children. When I heard about the possibility to study Genetics at the International University of Sarajevo in 2008, I had no doubts that this would be the perfect place for me. Back in the day, I was captivated by the approach that IUS used with their students. It was a small building filled with a lot of new and big ideas. It is interesting to see how it developed into a big institution while cherishing the same ideas and supporting the students to reach their maximum potential. 

Throughout my studies, I worked hard to provide for myself. From call centers to cleaning hotel rooms in Germany during summertime, I did everything to fulfill my dream of becoming a scientist. The ups and downs during my time at IUS were substantial but the years spent there were, nevertheless, amongst the best periods of my life. Late-night lab work, botched experiments, arguments, and disagreements with colleagues and professors, all of that prepared me for my life as a scientist. At that time it was pure frustration but today I am thankful for it. 

Today I call the city of Oslo my home. I am finishing my Ph.D. at the Medical faculty and research at the same time. I am thankful for the education I received at IUS that made all of this happen. A lot of Bosnian students feel inferior when they go abroad thinking that their education was worse than the one of their peers in the West but I figured out for myself that is far from the truth. Many of us from the Genetics department are all around the world doing their Ph.D. and contributing to science. Perhaps one day, we will all call IUS home once more, as lecturers and professors.

Riad Hajdarevic