The Student & Career Center is a place to visit from your first day at IUS. Student & Career Center has services and programs that will help students with their career development process. The Center provides guiding support to students until graduation. Through their development process, we join students on their journey and help them improve their skills and pursue their goals. We encourage students to take ownership of their career direction, and we are willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to conduct a successful search for jobs, internships, fellowships, and/or the identification of graduate school programs. 


The Student & Career Center will empower its students to reflect on their own talents and experiences, explore career options and proactively work towards achieving their first-choice post-graduation employment opportunities or to be accepted into a graduate school program. By using a student-centered approach, the Center will work directly with the students, provide them with a range of high value career-focused services and connect them to necessary resources, partners and networks. The Student & Career Center will ultimately foster development of career management skills, necessary for successful marketing and preparing students for their internships and full-time opportunities. Together with our valued partners, employers, alumni and experienced university personnel, Student & Career Center will encourage and enable students to make well-informed and deliberate career choices and lead meaningful professional lives. 

More specifically, Student & Career Center is committed to:

  •  Fostering individual growth and development by assisting students with their academic, career and employment needs. 
  •  Providing resources and teaching career planning processes and employability skills to our students. 
  •  Providing accurate and relevant information on occupations and opportunities, including but not limited to graduate and postgraduate studies, internships, and employment opportunities.
  •  Serving as a resource for students, alumni, university personnel and employers.
  •  Helping IUS further market itself to its potential students by collecting and disseminating data on current students’ ability to obtain internships and their further post graduation academic advancement and employment.
  •  Facilitating alumni engagement with the university.
  •  Guaranteeing impartiality and confidentiality to students, graduates, and employers.
  •  Building a greater bond between our university, local community, the region and the world.



By maintaining the utmost level of candor and honesty and always striving for excellence in all our endeavors and expecting the same from our students, staff and clients, the Student & Career Center will become the preeminent Student & Career Center model for comprehensive and innovative career and employment services in the Balkan region.

By teaching our students the skills that will enable them to manage their careers throughout their lifetime and partnering with employers, alumni and other educational institutions, IUS will become the best recruitment site on the market in the Balkan region. 

In order to achieve our vision, the Student & Career Center will design and deliver services meant to contribute to holistic development of students and alumni and guide them through all stages of their career development and progression.